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Concrete Curbing: Artistic and Functional

Pacific Curbing serves the Central Florida area from Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties over to the Orlando area. As a leading company in decorative concrete curbing, Pacific Curbing offers professionally installed, permanent, attractive concrete border edging for any landscape. 
Concrete curbing serves as a weed and grass barrier by outlining flowerbeds, sidewalks, around trees, and more. Pacific Curbing offers concrete curbing in many diverse shapes, colors, stamp patterns and textures in order to give you the choice to completely customize your home’s yard in a way that offers both artistic appeal and functional design.

The benefits of concrete curbing from Pacific Curbing are endless. Concrete curbing materials are a permanent solution; the material does not rust like steel, will not decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move around like bricks and pavers. Concrete curbing is completely non-mobile once laid-in around your landscaping and will give your flowerbeds and walkways a polished finish.

Pacific Curbing’s fully trained installation crew can add patterns and colors to form a perfect match to any landscape. Concrete is a very versatile material, giving Pacific Curbing the ability to customize every job, taking into consideration the homeowner’s tastes and the layout of the property. Choose from beautiful curbing patterns and stamps or textured rollers that give a natural and artistic look to your concrete curbing. Curbing patterns and stamps make an impression in the concrete and offer a more 3D, symmetrical style. Rollers are great for a style that imitates natural rock or stone.