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Does your landscaping need a facelift?

Landscaping facelift

Does your landscaping need a facelift? Are weeds and rundown borders ruining the look of your home or business? Concrete curbing is an easy, cost-effective way to update your yard or landscaping. Besides looking beautiful, there are many benefits to concrete curbing. Pacific Curbing, the area’s leading company for decorative concrete landscape curbing, can help you create a look you will love that will also enhance your landscaping.

“Concrete curbing is more economical and more durable than traditional borders,” says Pacific Curbing Owner Miryana Long. “Concrete curbing will not move around like bricks do; it will not rot like wood does; and it won’t break like plastic will. Once we have installed concrete curbing for you, it will last for at least 7 years. When it starts to fade a bit, a simple reseal is all that is needed to bring back the original color.”

Flexible Shape: While you might not think of flexibility when you think of concrete, concrete curbing is actually more flexible than traditional borders. It can be shaped to contain any area. You don’t have to worry about trying to make bricks fit or trying to bend plastic. If you want curves, Pacific Curbing can give you curves. If you want straight lines, they can easily do that as well. Pacific Curbing will adjust the border to whatever shape or size you want.

Once Pacific Curbing has finished your project, you’ll have an attractive border edging that enhances your landscaping and serves as a weed and grass barrier. Pacific Curbing can install concrete curbing around trees, flowerbeds, and sidewalks. Really there is no limit to what Pacific Curbing can do, if you have an area that needs curbing, they can help you out. Each job is custom mixed and poured on site so that you can create an original border to fit your unique style.